meet Dr Michael Jensen

Callie Interviews Dr. Jensen We'd like to introduce you to Dr. Jensen, director of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. Here’s a man that seems to be well on his way to changing the course of cancer treatment for kids and he actually had the time to sit down and talk with us! And he was relaxed. Even cracked some jokes. Did a little brainstorming about how he could help us spread the word about Callie’s. Imagine! Dr. Jensen is a man with vision and a plan. He has imagined ... read more

coffee for a cure

What happens when you brew a young child’s desire to create a business dedicated to the elimination of childhood cancer through the filter of her parents’ creativity and caring support? In the “coffee capital of the world,” you get Callie’s Coffee, a premier coffee brand dedicated to the support of the Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Callie’s Coffee is a philanthropic business envisioned by Callie Lentz when she was seven years old. Callie’s young friend Ben Towne died of neur... read more

King 5 - Callie's Coffee 2

Sometimes the littlest of people have the biggest ideas when it comes to helping others. That's certainly the case with a Seattle girl Kim Holcomb met. read more

King 5 News - Callie's Coffee

How drinking a cup of coffee can help fight pediatric cancer...all thanks to a little girl's big idea. read more

Selling "Callie's Coffee" to find a cure for cancer

While most kids were spending their summer hanging out with friends, playing video games, or going on vacation, one little girl in Medina was hard at work. "We've been working on Callie's Coffee. I've had a lot to do," says Callie Lentz. It all started with a lemonade stand for this bright, quiet 8-year-old girl, but that was hardly enough. Callie quickly got tired of lemonade and decided she wanted to start a full fledged company. She wanted to sell something adults would really go for: co... read more