incredible clinical trial results

This is our all-hands-on-deck time of year. We are in the fulfillment business. The staccato rip of packing tape peeling off the roll echoes in our ears long after our doors are locked up for the night. It may not be glamorous work, but this is what we do, so we keep our heads down and our shoes comfortable. Like any self-respecting elf, we wear a smile. That said,  we do still occasionally check email. Today, the breaking news shared by Jeff Towne co-founder of Ben Towne Foundation made us stop in our tracks. In an email to friends and supporters, Jeff wrote, 'we wanted you to be the first to know that Seattle Children's announced today that 11 of 13 patients treated thus far using reprogrammed T cells for relapsed pediatric leukemia achieved complete remission.' That's an 85% success rate. That kind of result is so huge and rare it is hard to take in. So many decades of medical history and so many children's lives have come before and led to this moment.  We thought it fitting to name one. Ben Towne The ripple effects started with Ben's too-brief life are being felt in such a powerful way today. It is while thinking of Ben, we would like to share the Seattle Children's news release his Dad shared with us.  We hope you'll agree it is worth pausing whatever you are doing right now to have a read.