think like a kid!

From the start, we have been inspired by kid-like thinking; the see-no-obstacles, dreamy mindset of seven year old Callie who is not afraid to think big and has a Dad willing to listen. So when friends and customers began asking if their kids could get involved raising money for kids cancer through Callie's coffee, we knew we needed to find a way to make that happen. Last month, 40 pioneering young people became the first 'Callie's Kids'. Because knowledge is power (and everyone loves a good party), we hosted a kickoff to talk with this group about Callie's mission. We explained the utterly, foot stompingly, unfair reality that out of all federal funding given to cancer research, less than 5 cents of every dollar goes to kids. Then we challenged them to think of 10 people they know who drink coffee and find a way to tell them that by choosing Callie's instead, they could actually start making up for all those research pennies the kids aren't getting.  Armed with materials to create and execute their plan, we sent them on their way and told them we'd meet back in a month. Within the first week, six lucky girls who happened to be traveling to New York City, had the gumption to don their Callie's T Shirts and hit the streets. From Kelly Ripa's producer, to food truck vendors, to total strangers in line at the Today Show, these brave girls talked about kids cancer and this new way to participate in funding the cure, just by drinking Callie's coffee. Naomi took another approach, delivering a powerpoint presentation to her 8th grade class and writing a letter to her principal suggesting her school switch to Callie's so they could start funding research with every cup served to teachers, parents and visitors. Jimmy told his soccer coach. It turns out his coach doesn't drink coffee, but he had an older brother who died of Leukemia when he was 8.  Funding for promising new pediatric cancer research struck a chord.  In honor of his brother, Jimmy's coach bought his parents some Espresso and brought a $50 donation to Ben Towne Foundation to the next soccer game. Because of the energy, ideas and bravery of these cool kids, together we made a $6000 donation to Ben Towne Foundation yesterday.  In a very short time, these kids made an impact. As adults we see the limits all too often. We bring our fully baked opinions to every situation or hold our ideas back for fear of sticking our necks out. Thank you Callie's Kids for reminding us anew to shoot for the starts and aim for the open minded,  unselfconscious creativity of a kid.  You guys rock!