less than 3%

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in US children and yet pediatric cancers receive less than 3% of the National Cancer Institute budget.  That means funding for pediatric cancer will only come from private philanthropy and organizations like Ben Towne Foundation.  That simple fact makes it pretty easy to stay focused on what we do here at Callie’s.

So what is that exactly?

For starters, we aren’t a charity.  Callie's seeks to create an additional way to engage people in giving to kids cancer, simply by changing the little things we do every day.  That's why, when Callie and her Dad were dreaming up this idea in the first place, Callie wanted to 'do a coffee thing.  Because ALL adults drink coffee!'  So we are most fundamentally, 'a coffee thing' because seven year old Callie saw that as an opportunity to give big.

Turns out she's right.  Over 200 million US adults drink coffee each day.  (On average, those folks drink three cups a day!)  Our mission is to get as many of those people as we can to choose Callie's when enjoying coffee at home.  Based on the numbers, we know it's up to us to raise the funds required to fund life saving pediatric cancer research.  Together, we can have a significant impact one person, one cup, at a time.