meet Dr Michael Jensen

Callie Interviews Dr. Jensen

We'd like to introduce you to Dr. Jensen, director of the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. Here’s a man that seems to be well on his way to changing the course of cancer treatment for kids and he actually had the time to sit down and talk with us! And he was relaxed. Even cracked some jokes. Did a little brainstorming about how he could help us spread the word about Callie’s. Imagine!

Dr. Jensen is a man with vision and a plan.

He has imagined a world without childhood cancer and a path to getting there. He will humbly tell you about all of the people who have come before him and are with him now, making this quest possible. But the reality is, the lab he oversees is conducting some groundbreaking research. Right here in Seattle. So far, early clinical trials have had phenomenal success rates.

Is it a long road? Yep, sure is. Are we sitting at an incredible time in the history of cancer research? Yes indeed. And thanks to incredible talent of Dr. Jensen and his team, a world without cancer seems everyday closer.