coffee for a cure

What happens when you brew a young child’s desire to create a business dedicated to the elimination of childhood cancer through the filter of her parents’ creativity and caring support? In the “coffee capital of the world,” you get Callie’s Coffee, a premier coffee brand dedicated to the support of the Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Callie’s Coffee is a philanthropic business envisioned by Callie Lentz when she was seven years old. Callie’s young friend Ben Towne died of neuroblastoma when he was only 3 ½ years old, and although Callie was a very small child during Ben’s year and a half struggle with his terribly destructive disease, Callie understood the horror and unspeakable unfairness of this disease at a level that often is difficult for adults to appreciate. Ben’s death stimulated Callie to think of ways she could help prevent other children from suffering as Ben had, and from that stimulation, Callie’s Coffee was created. Callie’s Coffee is a family coffee business ( organized to sell coffee for the benefit of Ben Towne Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (, a uniquely endowed foundation able to invest all of its donations in the cutting edge pediatric cancer research performed at Ben Town Center for Childhood Cancer Research in Seattle. Carin and Jeff Towne, Ben’s parents, formed the Ben Towne Foundation after Ben’s death with the hope they could save as many children as possible from experiencing the pain Ben suffered from his disease and its treatment. The Townes and the Lentzs are lifetime... Click here to read the full article