Cold Brew

Every year as the weather gets warmer the 'cold brew' signs start springing up outside local coffee shops.  If you've sampled these appealing hot weather drinks, you know cold brewed coffee is NOT the same thing as iced coffee.  Cold brewed coffee is actually coffee brewed slowly in cold water, in the fridge over night.  The result is a silky smooth, perfectly chilled but still intensely flavored coffee concentrate you can customize by adding water, milk or flavoring to taste. There are a variety of cold-brewing devices on the market.  But as long as you have coffee, water and a filtering mechanism, you can create a fabulous cold brewed coffee at home.  Depending on your brewing method, the long, slow extraction process reduces the acidity of the coffee by as much as 70%.  That is why you experience a much smoother, full bodied flavor versus simply brewing a strong hot coffee and serving it over ice.         The general rule of thumb is to use a medium grind, and an approximate water to coffee ratio of 3 to 1.  Pour cold filtered water over the coffee, stir and steep in the refrigerator anywhere from 24-48 hours.  

Although there are several options out there - we like our quick and easy (and inexpensive) Mizudashi Coffee Pot.  It looks a lot like a French Press but has a finer filtering mechanism.  The Toddy Cold Brew System is another favorite, and widely available.  But we think you will find the biggest difference in flavor comes from the beans you choose and your brewing strength, grind and infusion time.  Considering all those variables, we like to keep the tools simple.   

We brewed this cold concentrate using 1 cup medium ground House Blend and 3 cups filtered water, chilled in the fridge overnight.  By the next afternoon, we had a perfectly smooth, chilled coffee with a flavor that carried through everyone's 'extras' whether they added water, cream or sweeteners. A unanimous hit and well worth the wait!