Cold Brew

Every year as the weather gets warmer the 'cold brew' signs start springing up outside local coffee shops.  If you've sampled these appealing hot weather drinks, you know cold brewed coffee is NOT the same thing as iced coffee.  Cold brewed coffee is actually coffee brewed slowly in cold water, in the fridge over night.  The result is a silky smooth, perfectly chilled but still intensely flavored coffee concentrate you can customize by adding water, milk or flavoring to taste. There are a var... read more

Annie and Sarah

Meet Annie Noyes and Sarah Kubie, juniors at Kings High School in Seattle and participants in the March 2015 Washington State DECA Challenge. Sarah and Annie are the winners of the DECA Challenge Video Contest.  Congratulations ladies - you have won two summer internships at Callie's and we cannot wait to work with such a dynamic duo! We'd like to say thanks for the 4P's and the SWOT analysis.  We're pretty sure we had no idea what those things meant when we were in high school.  But what imp... read more

home brew

We’ve been looking high and low for great new coffees, with an eye to rolling out a more choices for you later this year. Our search has included beans ranging from Africa to Indonesia to South and Central America - we’ve covered a lot of ground. Now, our Roastmaster is hard at work creating the blends and roast profiles you have asked us for! The next step in our process is to brew countless cups coffee, in a variety of different ways. Yes, we are totally wired! But we wanted to put ourselve... read more

new friends & partners in 2015

record season First things first.  THANK YOU! Because of our fabulous circle and corporate circle members who chose to give Callie’s Gifts over the holiday, we had a record month last month.  That's pretty cool for all the obvious reasons - the more we sell, the more we can give.  But it also means lots of new people now know about our mission to fund pediatric cancer research just by drinking great coffee everyday. We are so grateful to you for sharing Callie’s with your friends, family a... read more

incredible clinical trial results

This is our all-hands-on-deck time of year. We are in the fulfillment business. The staccato rip of packing tape peeling off the roll echoes in our ears long after our doors are locked up for the night. It may not be glamorous work, but this is what we do, so we keep our heads down and our shoes comfortable. Like any self-respecting elf, we wear a smile. That said,  we do still occasionally check email. Today, the breaking news shared by Jeff Towne co-founder of Ben Towne Foundation made us... read more

think like a kid!

From the start, we have been inspired by kid-like thinking; the see-no-obstacles, dreamy mindset of seven year old Callie who is not afraid to think big and has a Dad willing to listen. So when friends and customers began asking if their kids could get involved raising money for kids cancer through Callie's coffee, we knew we needed to find a way to make that happen. Last month, 40 pioneering young people became the first 'Callie's Kids'. Because knowledge is power (and everyone loves a goo... read more


Seattle is becoming a global center for some pioneering cancer research that uses the body’s own immune system to destroy cancer.  It’s called immunotherapy. More specifically, Dr Mike Jensen and his team at Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research are working on chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapy.  According to the American Cancer Society, 'this is a promising new way to get immune cells called T cells to fight cancer. For this technique, T cells are removed from the pat... read more

less than 3%

Did you know cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in US children and yet pediatric cancers receive less than 3% of the National Cancer Institute budget? Funding a cure is up to us!


Callie’s was started as a family project in 2012, after Callie and her Dad decided to start a coffee company on facebook and give the profits to Ben Towne Foundation. What a cool way to make a difference, they thought. Then they started to really grasp what was going on as more and more friends and family responded that what we were doing. A few people can give significant money to have an impact. Thank goodness for them and their game changing generosity! Callie’s was built for the rest ... read more